Crooked Arrow

The Jim Howell Band

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RELEASED 10/23/2020! This Covid-pandemic album was composed and recorded by multi-instrumentalist, Jim Howell, from March-August 2020. Burned down and bled out, the hearts and souls of our nation are determined to overthrow the establishment of hate, greed, and self-service. Four years into regression from the promise of hope and lack of change that preceded, the struggle continues. Love will win but what price will be paid with the grief and isolation that pervades. The glimmer of hope still soars with love embroidered upon its wings. The Jim Howell Band’s new album, Crooked Arrow is all of those emotions. This new release takes you on a thirty-two minute journey through the feelings and thoughts that weigh during isolated quarantine while the culture and political wars rage in the streets and on the TV. Crooked Arrow leaves room for optimism yet shortens no punches all while resigned to the dim inevitability of modern angst.

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