1. I Ain't Buyin'

From the recording Silver Clouds

Jim Howell: lead and harmony vocals, whistling, acoustic guitar, electric guitars, piano,electric piano, organ, bass, drums, percussion
Loren Dircks: electric guitar
Tim Gallagher: pedal steel
Kaia Chesney (Mazza): harmony vocals
Sean McCann: harmony vocals


Blasting the TV most every night
On the internet on every damn site
At the corner store down the block
Outside my bank in the parking lot
Walk up to car just to hustle what I got
In the park ramada while you was smoking pot

You can go on sellin crazy…
But I ain’t buyin

In the practice space where nothin’s getting done
Yellin at The Red Room and cussin up a storm
Staging fits with a crowded room in tow
Whisperin the right things so no one ever knows
Build it up and break it down and quit it when you’re thru
Pittin one against the other so they are both with you

And you can go on sellin crazy…
But I ain’t buyin

Oh nevermind
I don’t have a dime
Or to be kind
I don’t have the time