1. Tucson

From the recording La Cienega

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Now I’m from Tucson
Ya spell it with a ”C” first
Down in Baja Arizona
Out in the wild wild west

Not too far from Tombstone
Whiskey guns and saloons
We ain’t seen no water
Since the last monsoon

I’m friends with the daylight
Look forward to the clean night air
And the setting sun here
Is better than anywhere

You can bring your piece of sorrow
Hold on for what its worth
Old Pueblo make it gone tomorrow
As long as you don’t go and search

You can try and head out tomorrow
To Tulsa, Flag or Ft. Worth
This town will never let go
She’ll pull you down, back down to earth

Don’t matter where you came from
Or if you rose up from this old hand
Broke the rents in California
Or crawled north in 60 miles of sand

Once you’re here ya never ditchin it
Eternal town of gravity
You’ve crossed below the Gila
Now you can never ever leave